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Sparkling hard tea

Three delicious flavors


Zero sugar. 

Zero Guilt.

At 90 calories and naturally sweetened; we are an alcoholic beverage that you will not feel guilty drinking. 

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hibiscus pom

Kissed with Lime

*Available in NY

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White Tea Peach

kissed with lavender

*Available in NY

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black tea lemon

Kissed with ginger

*Available in NY

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The Hard Facts

So what’s the tea?

We made a zero sugar sparkling hard tea because nothing like it existed. It starts with the perfect blend of organic brewed tea, botanicals, juices and monk fruit combined with the smoothest tasting gluten-free alcohol that we could find. 

The result? Real ingredients and real flavor that you can see and taste, in a canned alcoholic beverage that you can drink all day (and night).

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All The Goodies

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